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This Sex-positive YouTuber Is Taking Sex-Ed Online

With more than a million subscribers, a Webby award-winning spinoff series for MTV, and content produced on behalf of Planned Parenthood and Discovery News, Green is now the reigning queen of the online sex-ed industry.

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The empowering reason why so many women are turning to the occult

Over the past few years, a trend has been abrew. An underground subculture previously reserved only for the religious and spiritual fringes has suddenly become a widespread social media phenomenon.

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How Spiritual Leaders Hijack Physics To Make Us Believe

In a secular culture like ours, religion and spirituality are a much harder sell than they once were. Science has continually poked holes in much of religious thinking, and more people self identify as Atheists than ever before.

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The Rise Of Hometown Horror

“We’re terrified of disruption,” said Stephen King, the master of the things that go bump in the night, in his 2006 interview with The Paris Review.

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Why Is 13 Unlucky? Ask The Infamous Judas Iscariot.

As I entered the double front door of my apartment building on a rainy Saturday, I was thinking only of escaping the torrential winds of New York. I trudged squeaky boots up what always feels like a million stairs before taking note of an apartment I had not noticed before.

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Which '90s Teen Heartthrob Should Be Your Valentine

Bring those frosted tips over here, please.

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Skins UK And The Need For Real Teens on TV

The British television show Skins aired its first episode ten years ago tomorrow. The show, which followed a group of students in Bristol through late high school and early college, was gritty, provocative, and bold.

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Which Unreleased 5SOS Song Should You Listen To Right Now

You read that right. B-Sides here we come.

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Which Alt Rocker Should You Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

They're all just teenage dirtbags, baby.